YOSSI DINA: Jeweler To The Stars.


South Beverly Wilshire Jewelry and  Loan Company/The Dina Collection have been a corner- stone of the Beverly Hills business community triangle for more than 30 years.  Owner, Yossi Dina continues to expand his business even when others are closing their doors. 

Dina’s “ART OF THE DEAL“ savvy, business skills are based on his many years of experience, knowledge and innate ability to buy magnificent one-of¬a-kind designer jewelry from sources around the world, then, he offers up all that A-list bling from Buccellati, Cartier. Bulgarl, Tiffany. Chanel, Gucci, Rolex Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston and others to Dina collections clientele for up to 80% off retail prices.  Buying, selling and keeping his company as the number one loan and acquisitions broker in the country keeps Dina feeling very good.

March, 2010 Dina will move his South Beverly Wilshire Jewelry and Loan Company/The Dina Collection to its new permanent location at 249 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA., 90212. Dina purchased the building more than a year ago, and has been busy doing an extensive remodeling with a leading architect, and interior designer.  It is destined to be an elegant, high-end retail space for the clientele who now frequent his store.  More than a million dollars has been vested on the plush renovation, catering to every detail to make certain that the 5,000 sq.ft. Store offers clients an exclusive jewelry and art gallery showroom environment, complete with valet parking. 

“I like happy clients,” Dina states. ”What sets me apart from other people in this business is the fact that I have a true and sincere commitment to my customers.  Year after year people come back to me and they refer people they know to me.  Whether they want a particular piece of jewelry or find themselves in a short notice cash flow problem and in need of a loan, or cash infusion—I am fair minded and honest with my clients, always trying to help them fulfill their need, and I always do my best to get them what they want.”

To celebrate the upcoming Holidays, the New Year and his new store, Dina Collections is giving away jewelry. YES! You read it correctly. Dina Collections is literally giving jewelry out for Free with every purchase of  at least  fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500.00).  Dina is presenting the “fortunate clients” with a GlA registered, white cultured, 163 pearl strand necklace, an exquisite  gift in its own right…could be for that special someone in your life. The estimated value of the pearl necklace is over six hundred dollars ($600.00) and comes with the GIA certification.  Just think of it as buying one gift and then getting another—exquisite and expensive gift for free!

“I’m in a unique position to be able to offer my clients the best of every- thing because of the volume of jewelry that we trade and carry, I can pass along as much as  80% discount off of retail prices on Designer pieces, and as in this case—add pleasure to their buying experience by giving a token of my appreciation for shopping with us.” 

Any night of the week, Dina can be found mixing and mingling with the Red Carpet A-list crowd at celebrity haunts and high profile private parties for the rich and famous.Clients come to Dina looking to buy the biggest and the best at rock bottom prices; others no longer want their pricey loot and have commissioned Dina to find suitable buyers; and then there are those who use their precious collectibles as collateral for immediate cash loans that they need. Whatever the case, Dina is their man. 

“The majority of my business are referrals from around the world. It feels good knowing that people trust me with the buying and selling of their important jewelry and  valuable collectibles.  People tell me all the time that they appreciate the fact that  I don’t push them to do anything and that I advise them in their best interests, but leave it up to the client to make the final decision.  Of course,  I want clients to get the best deal possible.  In addition to telling them what and when to buy, I also tell them when selling a particular piece is not in their best interest.

Not just ” Jeweler-to-the Stars” —Dina is somewhat of a local celebrity in  his own right.  Single, good-looking, and affluent, he is no doubt carrying  some serious 6-pac abs underneath the designer shirts he wears (Dina is a Yoga fanatic and all-around athlete who attends a Master yoga advanced class each morning).  From his deep, sexy voice to his slightly unsettling gaze, the traces of his Israeli accent come through as he speaks with a charming and  dry-witted sense of humor.  It’s not until you hear him on the phone haggling over some mind-bending make it-or break-it deal, that it’s apparent…this guy is nobody to mess around with!  In Israel where he was born, he served as a member of an elite Israeli commando troop.

Dina works hard and he plays hard. When he’s not tending to business, he is jetting around the world to meet discerning clients who want to sell everything from original paintings from masters such as Warhol, Picasso, Cezanne, Hirst and Johns to exquisite, one-of-a-kind estate jewelry.  The bank vaults of South Beverly Wilshire and Loan Company/The Dina Collection is filled with a blinding inventory of bling that includes a mind-boggling: array of contemporary to incredible antique pieces.  Fabulous engagement rings (1 to 10 carats), spectacular diamond bracelets, many with precious stones, every designer watch you can think of, dazzling earrings in every size and eye-pepping necklaces that make the most excellent evening gown accessory: all are perfect for the upcoming gift-giving season.

“One outrageous diamond sparkler; a 12 carat loose diamond Dina sold the day I was there for $500,000.00. His celebrity client was thrilled. The same diamond in Cartier, Harry Winston or Van Cleef would have cost in the millions.  Dina’s massive In-house collection also includes antique furnishings, exotic and vintage cars, sculptures, and priceless pieces out of the most well-known estates and castles in the world. 

“It is my business to know what is going on in the current markets. Money is tight and people are not spending hard earned money like in the past.  More than ever before people are coming in for loans to make ends meet. Right now I am uncertain how long how it will take the economy to turn around, but this experience is humbling for everyone and I am very thankful because my business is holding steady.  In my new store location I will have two separate business entities; one for lending money against items for collateral, and the other for retail.” 

Not only does Dina make what he does look effortless, but he manages to make his clients feel appreciated and taken care of.

“People in my business think that I am tough; actually I am sensitive to people and what they are going through. I am in a business where trust is the most important thing I can offer.  I am not in business just for the sake of earning a living.  My mother told us, ‘Find something that you love to do and you will never have to work again.’ I’m passionate about what l do. Big or small, I work with the business deals that come my way and do the best job that I can for my clients.”

South Beverly Wilshire Jewelry & Loan
The Dina Collection
157 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA. 90212

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  1. Nomey Druskin says:

    Behind that cool and collected exterior beats the heart of a generous, successful and compassionate man!!!

  2. Mick says:

    Here in Australia we are watching Yossi Dina. What a charmer and no ones fool. Shrewd, knows his products and is a very astute businessman. Love his dry sense of humour and the way Cory can manipulate him around his little finger. The show is hilarious and enjoy going into the houses of the rich and famous, but there sure are some weirdos in Hollywood. ! Great show for Australian TV . I think he is a big softy under the rough exterior, but I like the way he treats all his customers, and what a charmer with the women.

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