Dr. Garth Fisher – A Father’s Day Tribute

Each month of the year is known for a special occasion. And without a doubt June in one of the most important as it carries Father’s Day, a day to recognize men whose loving concern and ongoing contributions make a difference in our lives. But it’s not just our own fathers and husbands who deserve our appreciation. Each of us know men outside our families who step in to save the day when life gets tough to take on our burdens to make our lives easier. The take time out of their busy schedules to offer advice when things get complicated and stand watchful when we need a strong shoulder to lean on. It is the ripple effect of these men and their heartfelt generosity that helps us, people in our city, country and throughout the world – have better lives. Father’s Day celebrates each man, who despite the personal heartbreaks he has endured, negative circumstances and obstacles he has had to overcome and fears he has had to face and survive, does his very best to not only live a life that he can be proud of, but a life that we can look up to and aspire to emulate. Men are fathers to the world and the caretakers of humanity.

Garth Fisher happens to be one of my favorite people. I’ve known him for years -way back when he started his practice here in Beverly HiIIs. Years of hard work, motivation to be the best surgeon possible, incredible skill in the operating room, an eye for the smallest detail, an iron man will to overcome obstacles and negativity, sympathetic bedside manner and generous giving nature have put and kept him at the top. Fisher is a concerned humanitarian who gives of his time and is willing to use his extraordinary surgical talent to help others. And he does it without fanfare or expecting recognition.

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