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Life Saving Tips from World Health Care Anti-Aging Expert Valerie Saxion

People typically say to me, I can’t believe you’ve had eight children, much less you’re a grandmother. I’m very thankful for the compliments, but really, what is a mother of eight supposed to look like? If a woman has birthed one or more children, does that mean she should be out of shape or hippy, or have a belly on her?

My answer is no, absolutely no,” says Saxion. “The body knows what to do, when we give it the right fuel. It is like having a diesel Mercedes and putting regular gasoline in it and thinking it will run like it’s supposed to. It is just not going to happen.”

Valerie Saxion has been leading the world to better health, physical endurance and a more youthful appearance for more than 30 years—which is hard to believe considering she looks like she’s still in her 30s herself. As a foremost authority in the business of anti-aging, health and wellness, Saxion has forged ahead of the competitive world of health and antiaging for one reason: She walks her talk. And she is a living example that just because those candles keep multiplying on the birthday cake —doesn’t mean we have to look and feel older. According to Saxion it comes down to two simple things if we want to stop the aging process from eating away at our bodies, minds and spirits: we have to feed our bodies what it needs to survive and thrive. And, the number one must-do is detox all of those life-sucking/ aging toxins out of it—EVERY DAY!

Certainly that seems like just another chore for millions of us stressed-out, over-worked, illness- ridden, over-weight, over-burdened people on the go 24/7, with zero-down-time people— but guess what? It only take a few minutes a day. Promise. Now the question remains: Are you willing to take a few minutes a day to save your life by improving your health and detoxing your body to a state of wellness and vitality that you may never have known even existed? Think about it. The majority of us MAKE the time in our daily routines for everyone—but ourselves. And each of those people depend on us. So doesn’t it make sense that the #1 priority in our lives SHOULD be to take care of ourselves? If we play that big of a role in the lives of others —it is up to us to stay healthy so we can continue to do so. Period.


“After years of counseling and seeing just about everything that you could possibly imagine, I’ve learned by example and that is: get someone to eat correctly, take the right supplements, drink the right amount of water and get the years of crud we’ve let build up out of our bodies and suddenly everything changes,” Saxion says. “It’s like looking at the lights on the dashboard of your car; well we have lights on the dashboard of our bodies showing us that we need help.”


According to Saxion these are common symptoms— flashing lights on your body’s dashboard that can signal you need help:

Are you tired, depressed, have poor digestion and/or poor bowel movements,how about flatulence, low energy, exhaustion,poor memory, are you achy, do you have body odor, lower back pain? Do you have a low immune, insomnia, food cravings, do you retain water, unexplained frequent headaches, bumps on your tongue? Do you have dry hard stools, scaly skin, sensitivity to foods you never had before? And are you angry, fearful, do you have mood swings and outburst of emotions?

If you answered yes, to any or all of the above, you may be—like millions of people are—in toxic overload, stressed, and in desperate need of a tune up from the inside out.

“Honestly, these signs don’t come from age, they come from being toxic,” explains Saxion. “ We must cleanse, it can and will change your life! I see so many people treating their vehicles better than they treat their own bodies! Why?”

As a naturopathic doctor, she knows the vital importance of people feeling their best using natural, non-toxic, healing products.And her own life is an example of all she teaches. If anyone knows about the rigors of a hectic life and has learned the keys to survival it’s Saxion. A popular lecturer, best selling author, and full-time mom (yes she truly does have 8 children), grandmother and founder of Valerie Saxion, Inc.& Valerie Saxion Ministries, Total Health library and conferences—not only does she and her staff research every possible variable of what our bodies need to surviveand maintain; Saxion is hands-on when it comes to the vitamin and food supplement formulations. Nothing, and I do mean nothing gets out the door of her company without her hard-to-earn stamp of approval. This woman actually takes her products, her family, friends and people around the world take her products—she is 100% committed to making certain that every product that carries her name is the very best. Some include: Anti-Aging, Beauty, Maintaining Normal Blood Pressure, Clear Thinking, Weight Loss, Heart Healthy, Chelation, Immune Boosters, Minor Pain Release, Cleansing and Digestion, Occasional Constipation, Increased Energy, Food Supplements, Minerals, Oxygen Supplements, Books, CD’s and Audio and Video Tapes.

“It’s like the lights on the dash board of your car… you have lights on the dashboard of your body showing you what’s wrong.”

As host, writer and researcher for “Alternative Health” a weekly television broadcast, Saxion and the expert guests she invites on bring the most up-to-date health and nutritional information available to the millions who watch her show, typically 30 years and above—the Baby Boomer generation who are just reaching their mature years and are finding a few cracks in the woodwork, but who are increasingly interested in natural health and non-medical ways to get healthy and fight the aging process. Alternative, natural health protection, plus a wide range of health issues, including nutrition, food supplements, and anti-aging advances are discussed. Saxion’s approach is creative, cutting edge, humorous and sometimes serious depending on the subject. And what’s most amazing is that her dynamic message comes from her own life as an advocate of nutrition and spiritual healing, ability to balance family and career, and she truly does understand the complexities that we face in today’s world. While developing and promoting her own line of nutritional supplements, she finally decided after more than three decades to open her own Wellness Clinic so that people could learn first hand how to improve their lives through diet and body detoxification.

“Hippocrates, (the Father of Modern Medicine) said, ‘Food should be our medicine, and medicine should be our food, but to eat when we are sick is to feed our illness,’” said Saxion. “Another viewpoint is said to be etched in one of the great pyramids, ‘One fourth of what you eat goes to feed you, and three fourths of what you eat goes to feed your doctor.’ We are a society of over-eaters! The average weight healthy person at all times is carrying 7-10 pounds of toxic waste. Yet, many of our entire social and business meetings revolve around food! STOP!!! Give your gut a break, and in turn let your body heal!

Fasting (the right way) is based on unchanging biological laws that insist the cause of disease must be removed. It’s actually quite simple. We must detox our bodies, push away from the table, hit the juicer and smoothies and allow our bodies to rejuvenate and regenerate, and simply feel great again.”


Saxion says there are many ways to get started; they are fast and easy. Here are a few of her most powerful suggestions that she says will bring about dramatic changes you can actually see. These are her own personal recommendations that she uses to cleanse and renew her own body.

“First fasting; by fasting three days a month, studies reveal you can extend your life 5-7 years. Your body will self-digest the most inferior and impure materials and eliminate them from the body. New cell growth begins; for many, skin tags, moles, and other blemishes begin to disappear. Fasting detoxifies the body, giving the organs a rest, and brings natural healing by cleansing the body. Some say it helps to reverse the aging process. Disease and aging begin when the normal process of cell regeneration and rebuilding slows down. This slow down is caused by the accumulation of waste products in the tissues, which interferes with the nourishment and oxygenation of cells. This is when the cells resistance to disease will diminish and various ills will start to appear. This may happen at any age. At any given time, only half of all your cells are in the peak development and working condition. One fourth are usually in the process of growth and the other in the in the process of dying and replacement. It is of vital importance that the dying cells are decomposed and eliminated from the system as efficiently as possible. The quick and effective elimination of dead cells stimulates the building and growth of new cells. Remember to fast means to not eat, thus the word, BREAK FAST, we break our fast after waking from sleep and hopefully not eating during the night.”

“We’re a society of over-eaters. The average weight — healthy person carries around 7-10 pounds of toxic waste. Yet our entire lives revolve around eating. STOP. Give your gut a rest.”

Some of her body fuel intake essentials are these: Tasty Protein Shakes, Fruit Smoothies, Herbal Teas, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice she says are encouraged while fasting, and of course lots of water. Because all of these are in liquid form, they are easily assimilated by the body and nutrients dispersed rapidly. Saxion says that almost immediately you begin to feel refreshed and renewed! And, your energy level soars since the digestive tract, which can take up to 80% of your daily energy, is getting a massive break, your body’s energy can be focused elsewhere.

“Added benefits also come when you add easy cleansing herbal supplements. This facilitates the cleansing process and continues the cleaning up and cleaning out in your ‘Tune Up the Body’ program,” Saxion explains. “The best herbal cleanses are 30-90 days, you may want to start slow and work your way up. Now here’s a real kicker as they say…while fasting and cleansing it is extremely effective to add Coffee Enemas to your list of ‘Must Do’s’. Yes, you read it correctly, instead of drinking it, put it in the other end! This will cause the liver to dump excess bile and toxins. The coffee enemas alone can make you feel like a million bucks. Enemas during a fast are an absolute must. Enemas assist the body in its cleansing detoxifying effort by washing out all of the toxic waste from the alimentary canal. Enemas should be taken at least once, preferably twice a day during your fast, upon rising and before going to bed. One pint to one quart of lukewarm distilled water is sufficient. Enema bags are available in any drug store. Coffee enema: using a standard enema bag, the coffee is absorbed directly through the colon wall and goes via the portal vein directly to the liver. The type of coffee to be used is ground (drip coffee), not instant or decaffeinated. Mix two Tbsp coffee to one quart room temperature steam distilled water. Use two cups of this mixture twice daily. Take the enema preferably on your knees or lie down on your back, legs drawn close to the abdomen, and breathe deeply while enema is given slowly. Retain fluid 10-15 minutes. Coffee enemas are given for stimulation and detoxification of the liver, not for the function of cleansing the intestines.”

“So many people want a 10-year plan and yet won’t take action on what is in front of them right now. I encourage you to be a doer; don’t just read this, nod your head and say — wow… that sounds good. Get a piece of paper and write at the top My Tune Up — then get started.”

Saxton’s step-by-step feel good plan includes drink water and more water and says to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. If you weigh 200 lbs, drink 100 ounces of water and she recommends bottled. NO other liquids count— nothing but water. When it comes to drinking alcohol, she says that for every glass of alcoholic beverage you drink, drink five times the amount of water to make up for the alcohols bad effects! She also says that once you begin drinking water, you become addicted and nothing else will compare. As always Saxion suggests that you consult your physician before beginning any exercise, dieting or fasting program.

“Health is defined as a vibrant, being well and feeling good. Once you get to that point the focus goes to health maintenance,” she explains. But the basic concept for Western medicine is that if a person has no symptoms, that person is well. And if symptoms or cause can’t be diagnosed, drugs are used to mask the problem. All too often the word health is referred to by doctors, insurance companies and health care givers when in reality they’re actually referring to disease management; which frequently results in a downward spiral for the individual who never regains true, vibrant health again.”


“Of course, while renewing, and that tune up is in process, don’t forget to move your body! Do you know what the best form of exercise is? It is the kind you will do,” she says. “Do what you will do, if that’s dancing, walking, biking, swimming or whatever, just do it. The lymphatic system, a major resource of ours for cleansing and detoxing, does not move unless you do! So, if all you can manage are leg lifts while watching TV, then do it, but be sure to move it somehow, someway! These are the basics and a great place to start! So many want a 10-year plan and yet won’t take action on what’s in front of them to do. I encourage you to be a doer, don’t just read this, nod your head and say, wow, that sounds great, I’d like to feel great again. I’m telling you, you’re too good for that, take action now! Get a pen and paper, start at the top with, My Tune Up, then lay out the when, what and how you are going to put these simple steps into action and make real changes in your life! I know you can do it! I’m here, because you’re there, and we need each other! My part is helping you feel your best! Let me know how your tune up is going. Blessings, health and healing to you my friends.”

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