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Well it’s that time of the year again and the Holidays are right around the corner. I just have one questions to ask: where has this year gone? Seriously. Another year is upon us and certainly we have all seen some changes many we didn’t expect—to be sure, but nevertheless time marches on. I am thankful that I have met such amazing people over this past year and because our advertisers are like family to us…we will keep in touch as2012 comes and hope that all good things come to them—and everyone else. I know for certain that here at the magazine we have never worked harder in our lives. The challenges we have had to over come have not been easy, but with determination we have met each one, and managed to turn an economy of lemons into a bowl of cherries. And we can’t take all the credit. Never before have I seen so many people bonding together to help one another get through such difficult circumstances. And isn’t that what life is all about anyway when it comes right down to it? Helping one another achieve necessary goals by working together as a team. I want to thank all of you for making this year a productive one for us here and I hope in some small way we have also been able to help you. Every day we receive emails from business owners asking us to help them promote their businesses and everyday we receive tons of emails from various charities throughout the city requesting that we give coverage to their events in order to boost their exposure. Believe me I wish I had 50 more pages to do what we want to do. But to help out in any way we can, we have greatly increased our coverage of events and charities, and doing our best to profile what you want. We hope our coverage helps brings exposure and generous support toall of your heart-worthy endeavors. There might be millions of cities in our country, but for a fact there is not one city on earth like Beverly Hills. The hard workand dedication that people here put forth to help the less fortunate is miraculous. We at the magazine are proud to live here and especially be a part of a community that endlessly supports the big issues we all face such as helping the less fortunate, cleaning up the environment, saving animals from abandonment and abuse, and helping those suffering with illness.God bless all of you as we head into a new year. And let’s not forget that life is about working together for a goal. For that to happen it takes the effort and support of teamspirit. Especially now it’s easy to be consumed with our own problems, but if we take the time to look around there just might others who need our help more than we think.

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