By Ellen Lavinthal

Animal Alliance held it’s incredible, A Day In My Shoes Fundraisers at INEX and Jimmy Choo in Beverly Hills, to promote its upcoming, A Day In My Shoes coffee table book. The bound masterpiece is filled with women from around Beverly Hills and their favorite furry companions. Both fundraisers brought together hundreds of guests—all supporters of Animal Alliance and its mission to bring an end to animal cruelty. Celebrity photo-journalist, AmyMartin Friedman photographed the women at home with their favorite shoes and their loving animal companions The fabulous Opening Night Gallery Exhibits showered guests with an incredible cocktail party filled with delicious food, champagne and, in the case of Jimmy Choo’s…all the beautiful shoes any woman could want. Order your forever keepsake today.

Help Fight Animal Cruelty.

Your tax-deductible donation of $675

buys you a fabulous coffee table book

filled with beautiful women and the

beautiful companions they love.

The book debuts Spring 2012


Ellen Lavinthal, is a 13-year resident of Beverly Hills. She graduated from USC law school, and is president of a Los Angeles based animal welfare organization, Animal Alliance, a position that she has held for 19 years. Lavinthal joined forces with national advocacy groups to combat issues such as puppy mills, fur trade and elephants and primates in captivity. She is on the board of Social Compassion in Legislation promoting laws statewide to reduce pet over-populationand hosts a webshow Animal Alliance.


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  1. Anybody who helps rescue animals and is devoted is a true caring and giving person in this world of hardcore cruelty. My love and support to you ellan. What a true warrior. I wish the planet had more of you. I have traveled the world to see the cruelties and it just doesnt stop. My prayers and light to those who contribute. I hope those that inflict pain on anything living should burn. Wake up world dont ignore the cries of animals and people. Support the fight and expose all evil idiots. cheers
    blessings dave

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