Vida Emanuel European Day Spa: EDITOR’S PICK for the Holiday’s

The Vida Emanuel European Day Spa is a fabulous one stop-beauty salon offering every face and body treatment you could want to feel and look like young again. From permanent make-up, eye lashes and skin tightening to breast firming and hair removal, plus every skin treatment you can imagine—so get ready to be treated like a queen. Spa owner Vida Emanuel is a premier beauty and skin expert with a reputation for excellence bringing Tinsel town’s most famous faces to her front door; keeping them coming back for years.Vida’s fully trained staff gives you the chance to regenerate and rejuvenate with advanced face and body peels, wraps and exfoliating secrets. My first visit was heaven and I don’t need a crystal ball to tell me I’m going back for more. Vida’s treatments are specific to your needs and turn back the clock head-to-toe. Another surprise! This is a perfect place to Holiday shop for others. Counters of luscious goodies including jewelry, and incredible skin care product gift bags are beyond exquisite.With a staff of board certified massage therapists, skin experts and estheticians, I want to wax, spray tan and anti-age all year long!

Vida Emanuel European Day Spa

9406 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, CA


Photo: Al Khosravi Golden Color

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