Story by: Suzanne Takowsky

A patented high storage biometric identification security card technology is about to hit the global market, putting computer hackers, credit card thieves, Internet predators, and insurance fraud criminals out of business!

Wireless, retail, ID systems, Internet, healthcare, banking, finance, transportation, government, travel, entertainment, education—our lives revolve around communication, technology and, the power of the Internet. Taking that into consideration, which of us hasn’t experienced a heart-stopping moment of vulnerability when without warning, the technology that we so desperately depend on—turns out to be—not dependable at all! Think about it. Computers get attacked with a virus, bank accounts get hacked, mobile phones get lost, credit cards get stolen, or some outer space glitch in a government, hospital or corporate computer decides to eat or misplace our ID records. More bad news follows as we find ourselves at the mercy of whoever happens to answer the hysterical customer-service-hotline. Depending on the mood of the company rep speaking with us, we could find ourselves on a department-to department treadmill of transfers trying to explain our situation. And these days, it’s “fingers crossed” hoping we aren’t speaking to a disenchanted worker with whom we have a language barrier. In our hybrid technology world, it’s a nightmare for anyone whose identity gets stolen: social security numbers, drivers licenses, passports, medical insurance information, bank accounts, credit cards… each day thousands of lives are destroyed. So how prevalent are credit card and identity theft? I was shocked while doing research for this article to find out that the business of theft and fraud is more than good…it’s a multi-billion dollar a year gold mine. And, according to recent numbers, banks, credit card companies, businesses, and individuals like you and I, get robbed of more than $200 billion each year. Even more damaged by fraud and theft is the medical
industry, which, loses and wastes over $1.2 trillion a year to medical insurance fraud, waste and redundancy. (PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute) Who pays for all this theft and fraud? Not surprisingly, we do in the blanketed form of higher interest rates at banks, increased premiums on medical insurance (which continue to increase annually), and a leg-long list of secretly veiled charges that randomly pop-up on our ever-growing monthly and year-end billing statements.

Supera’s Anti-Fraud Technology
With all the mega-brain power going into theft and fraud, isn’t there anyone on our side who can stop the bad guys from robbing us blind? Yes, there is, and he started the tedious and difficult job about 20-years ago in a room filled with more hardware than you and I will ever see in our lifetime. The man’s name is Dan Kehoe, an innovator in the data card storage market for more than 20 years. Kehoe made a name for himself by utilizing his and acquired IP for the credit card market, amongst other markets. As an attorney, over time, he has hired around 40 engineers and industry experts to help develop and create the patent portfolio and partnering agreements that he needed to pursue his original idea of using hard disk drive technology in a credit card format to create a next generation data card. However, greed, a string of corporate acquisitions, licensing mishaps and technology snags kept the brilliance of his newfound game changing, anti-theft and fraud
card technology from seeing the light of day. Fast-forward to a couple of years ago when Kehoe met Laurie Scheer, a local Southern California business woman and entrepreneur, with whom he formed Supera Group, LLC., Malibu, Ca., to acquire the patent portfolio and technology that Kehoe controlled. The pair worked with technical advisors, market analysts, investors and raised seed capital through a private placement. The Supera Group has stabilized Kehoe’s data storage platform; including ownership of the IP. In addition, this last fall,
Supera Group acquired a controlling interest in an OTC Bulletin Board Company, Bluesky Systems Holding, Inc., Century City, CA. (BSKS.OB). Supera Group granted Bluesky an exclusive world wide Healthcare License and a Manufacturing License, along with a onetime non reoccurring engineering task of product commercialization. They are now working on closing a purchase order that will showcase an anti-fraud application through non-repudiable (proof of the integrity and origin of data) identification and authentication of the user of a credit card, in addition to carrying out multiple other valuable user applications on the same card. Fast-forward again to the innovative management and marketing skills of Bluesky Systems Holdings, Inc., (Bluesky) (BSKS.OB) which currently combines Kehoe’s groundbreaking technology with its innate eye for the art of the deal. Kehoe now serves as Bluesky’s CEO. Under Bluesky’s management, Supera’s technology is transforming the credit card/smart card market.

One Biometric Credit Card Replaces Every Other Card In Your Wallet And Guarantees 100% Anti-Fraud And Anti-Theft Benefits

Intent on winning the battle against credit card theft and personal identification fraud and other Internet criminalities, Supera’s patented technology offers 100% anti-fraud benefits that come in the form of innovative biometric identification. Translation: get ready to clean house on the overburden of plastic weighing down your wallet because one card now has the capability of replacing every credit, debit, reward, medical and ID card you own. Plus, the Supera card guarantees your information can’t be hacked, or even used if stolen, because the card relies on biometric identification to access and identify the card user. My first thought: Bond… James Bond!

Biometric Identification

Sure we’ve seen spy movies where vocal prints, retina and fingerprint scans take the place of a door key, signature, access or pass code and ID confirmation. But it’s only in the movies right? Wrong. It’s called biometric identification and Supera’s technology brings it into our lives. With this technology, one credit card sized memory card offers enough capacity to store powerful fraud and theft protection applications, sophisticated encryption data and privacy information that can only be accessed using specific biometric recognition identification by the user. Gone are the days of signing our signature on the dotted line of credit card transactions that can be stolen or copied by thieves and hackers anywhere in the world. How many grocery stores, gas stations, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, spas, 7-elevens, car repair shops, fast food stops, flower shops, manicure hot spots, travel agencies and vacation destinations have your credit card number with your signature on the dotted line? It’s a scary thought. Supera’s biometric recognition delivers a “nonrepudiable” transaction and faultless authentication before your card or information can be used. The Company, banks, Fortune companies and consumer-savvy industry insiders all have high expectations for the success of Supera’s card. Supera’s patented technology for high-security and unheard of portable data storage is jumping to the front of the line in all vertical market sectors. What was once a bulging wallet filled with every credit and identification card ever made, can now be reduced to one biometric card that stores and computes numerous applications similar to the way a disk drive operates in a computer, but without a server-backed system. One card delivers
secure credit card transactions, increased data storage with high security and privacy, giving easy and immediate secure access to personal identification and medical information, all at pennieson- the-dollar cost for cardholders and businesses.

A New Team In Town

Looking to secure top-notch marketing and managerial team members, Scheer and Kehoe, co-owners of Supera, and now the major shareholders of BSKS.OB have picked their team. Bluesky appointed Susan DiBiase Lutz to serve as President of the company and as a Board Member. Lutz is an accomplished entrepreneur and global business executive with a track record of building companies, accelerating their growth, and increasing valuation. Her day-to-day consists of directing the operations for the company, and heading up Bluesky’s sales and marketing efforts by developing strategic partnerships worldwide. I spoke with Lutz shortly after her new appointment to Bluesky. Trained as an electrical engineer, right out the door she began landing executive positions with high technology and internet security telecom companies in Singapore, the Philippines, London and New York. Employers included RCA America, VeriSign, Cable & Wireless and GE Capital. She shared with me that traveling the world and learning about other cultures not only added to the enjoyment of her work, but also gave her an edge as she experienced first hand the work ethics and business acumen of different cultures. Lutz is a veteran with 30-years of experience, who has created multiple internet security businesses, all with successful exists as the security market is her passion.

“During my global business dealings with people around the world, I began to understand their cultures, philosophies and expertise, and I was able to share my culture and values and listen,” Lutz said. “Bringing an open mind and nonjudgmental attitude to the boardroom went a long way toward ice-breaking in foreign business affairs. In addition to learning about other cultures, my contacts also allowed me to bring together teams from various countries, all working together to get the job done. It was tremendously satisfying and rewarding.”

Talk about Women-On-Top! To say these two lead busy lives is an understatement. In addition to their day jobs, they are wives and mothers who put great emphasis on their families, and indulge in the regular duties most of us with children have. Ranging in ages from 11 to 25, both say life is a blur of kids soccer and baseball games, horseback riding championship contests and interviews for college. Regardless, however, of their heavy workload “family” remains a priority as do the charities and community endeavors they support. Scheer lives in Malibu, California, has been married for 18 years, and she and her husband have three children. Lutz lives in New Jersey, and will celebrate her 22nd wedding anniversary this year. She and her husband have one daughter, who this spring will graduate from high school, and then move to Los Angeles to attend college. Both women are prime examples of the baby boomer generation of forward thinking females determined to have it all: educated, talented and successful, they’ve managed to climb the corporate ladder carrying a heavy load of ambition, while staying grounded in the traditional roles of wife and mother; they are committed to keeping family ties strong. Needles to say during our interviews, each referred to “balance” as crucial to keep things running smoothly on the job and at home. It’s called multi-tasking, and nobody does it better than a woman on a mission.

Security As A Priority

These days regardless of what we do or where we go, a main concern shared by most is our own safety and that of those we love. With crime at an all time high, it’s up to us to find avenues that will protect what we work so hard to achieve. The biggest complaint I have when it comes to modern technology is the lack of security that surrounds my credit cards, my personal ID, my medical information and that of members in my family. Supera’s technology is focused on protecting us as individuals by guaranteeing the security of our credit cards, bank accounts and personal identification. It seems almost an insurmountable task when we think of the billions of people who use credit cards, carry IDs, practically live on their computers, and have their personal, financial and medical information floating around cyber space.

BHT: Supera’s patented biometric security technology has many possibilities for helping people protect themselves; possibilities destined to make a positive impact on billions of people world wide.

LUTZ: Yes, that’s exactly why I have decided to accept the position with Bluesky. I’ve always tried to stay ahead of the technology and Internet security curve. During my career, I have had the opportunity to solve business risk and Internet security technology issues for numerous Fortune 500 companies. At the end of the day, regardless of the size of business involved, it comes down to making changes which will make our lives better and more secure. Today, one of the major concerns in our world is security. This kind of opportunity at Bluesky, with Supera’s innovative technology, comes only once in a lifetime. I’ve always hoped one day I would have the opportunity to work with a company whose focus was securing an individual. And finally I found it. The opportunity to work with innovative technology that will change the way we look at data and secure our privacy was something I could not pass up. I am very pleased and honored to be a part of such a diverse and talented team that brings this game changing product to the global markets.

BHT: Your technology could dominate retail markets, banking, medical facilities, Internet activities where ever we use a credit card and communicate over the Internet. You are giving the power to protect our finances and personal information back to us. We are not just going to want your card, but need your card. Many hardware/technology giants, however, have tried to dominate a specific field and failed. How is Supera’s technology different?

Scheer: I’m glad you asked. This card is the future to us living more independent, less fearful lives. The convenience of having what we need on one card allows us the means to access any information we want, anywhere. Supera’s business strategy is to license its technology to Fortune 500 companies equally so everyone can utilize it however they want. Just as GE provides financing to multiple competitors, we are positioning ourselves as a universal provider to all companies.

BHT: I’m not techno-savvy and this sounds unbelievable. Is this credit card/ID security truly within our grasp?

LUTZ: Absolutely. Supera’s patented technology of incorporating hard disk drive technology with current ISO card magnetic stripe and smart card “chip” is the new platform for secure access, data storage, sharing, exchanging and archiving multiple important applications. Supera’s card can improve every area of our lives. Each of us must carry cards and ID: credit cards, medical cards, social security cards, passports, airline advantage cards, discount, loyalty cards…carrying cards is part of our everyday lives. Supera takes a necessity in our world—our reliance on the information on cards, and condenses everything onto one card that is 100% security and anti-theft proof.

BHT: People lose credit, health, ID cards all the time. Any concerns over having everything on ONE card?

SCHEER: That’s our favorite question. Then we ask, “Where are your health records now?” When you visit a physician’s office most photocopy your insurance card, Driver’s license, passport or Social Security card, and put the photocopies in your file. Think of the people who can access your file. Many use Blackberry’s or Iphones. If they lose them what happens? Every ID, pass code or bank account number you put into a mobile device can be hacked and data collected. It’s frightening to think who has, or could get, our personal information. Anything you store on a server or data base can be hacked. With our card, even if the inventor of the card Mr. Kehoe, or one of our technology engineers found your card, they could not hack it to retrieve information. Our card is activated biometrically by fingerprint, retina scan, facial or audio scan, or the sound of your individual heartbeat. Our technology can’t be reverse engineered; only biometric identity accesses the card. The devastation of 9/11 not only changed our view on personal safety, but about criminals and questionable individuals allowed into our country. Security is a top priority with thousands of government, local, national and international businesses who are making drastic changes to security systems that allow people through their doors. Drivers Licenses, passports, pass codes, even company ID cards don’t make the cut any more as they are easily stolen and copied. Today, biometric identification pulls rank as the ONLY accepted form of ID. This also addresses the immigration problem we face in the United States. People are entering at unheard of numbers. Without a proper security system in place or credible screening process with absolute verification of the true identity of a person, there is no way of knowing who is walking through our borders and arriving in our airports. Supera technology can with 100% accuracy verify the true identity of any person, and be used to alert authorities to an imposter.

BHT: Your technology covers all areas of security from credit card fraud, to protecting our children from Internet predators…a change from where we are now, at the mercy of criminals. Where do you see the company going in the next few years?

SCHEER: We brought on Susan Lutz as President of Bluesky because of her extensive training, expertise and background in security. When we logon with our cell phones, Tablets, or laptops in say a Starbucks—our security vulnerability occurs instantaneously over the airways. In the future, people will still logon, but biometrical. When they go over the airways, they won’t be giving out their bank account or credit card information, personal ID, passwords, or logon codes to Internet hackers. No personal information will be passed. People will give digital authority logging on biometrically from communication devices whether it’s an iPad, Apple, Nook, or others—it wont matter as our device is ubiquitous; made universal to accommodate any communication device. When people go to a server, database or the cloud, they have to login with a user ID and pass code. That is why millions of accounts get hacked each year; pass codes are like using a safety pin as a lock; easy to sidestep to break into accounts. Hackers access entire servers at once and access the entire database, they get everything. With our technology, no data can be transmitted without the biometric verification stored in the card which ONLY the user has. Your personal information is not in a database all over the airwaves. No other card can perform this, except the Supera card.

The Day Of Multiple Cards Is Coming To An End!

Reports say women are 29% more likely to be victims of credit card and ID theft than men; not hard to believe if you consider the bulging contents of a woman’s purse and wallet. A consumer site on credit card theft and ID fraud offered these tips. But how many are realistic to our lifestyles?

• Don’t let your card out of your sight. That’s difficult to do when a waiter or someone takes your card to call in for approval.

• Only carry credit cards/ID you need. Who knows which card/ID you need? Medical emergencies aren’t planned; neither is shopping in a store where you have a bonus point card.

• Never share anything with your credit card number written on it. Reasonable, but what about places that have our credit cards/signatures already on file?

• Don’t carry everything in a purse or wallet. How does that work when everything a woman takes out the front door gets tossed into a purse or bag?

• Never lend a credit card to anyone. How many of us lend our credit cards or ATM cards to kids or employees for them to order things over the phone? Many times our accounts are connected to other family members.

BHT: What if we want to lend our credit card to someone? Is that possible?

SCHEER: A cardholder can log onto his/her computer with their card and authenticate another person to use it. That person will store their fingerprint in the card memory and can then use it. Some automobiles have this now with an “original” card, and “valet” card for someone with your permission to use it.

BHT: How does the card work? What about accessing applications? Wouldn’t a business need a card reader on-site?

LUTZ: At first the card could be used the same way as any credit card with a magnetic stripe. The difference will be the specific reader device in which the card is swiped. No more signatures or receipts lying around that can be stolen and used to perpetuate fraud against accounts. Our card is backwards compatible with every existing card reader, smart chip and contact wireless payment system, and contains what is referred to as “Hard Disk Drive Technology”. If a cardholder wants to access added features, or if a business wants to include added features, such loyalty programs or bonus point cards, they have the option to incorporate them. It is the next generation secure intelligent data card.

Medical Information

In the case of medical records, according to Scheer and Lutz, no existing portable technology gives instant secure access to all one’s medical records. For a business, hospital or physician to have instant secure access to medical data on a Supera card, they would need a Supera card reader. Once medical facilities incorporate the technology into their programs, this card will save tens of thousands of lives each year, especially when people are transported in ambulances to emergency rooms. Instead of being forced to wait for vital information that an emergency room requires, ambulance physicians and ER’s will have immediate access to a person’s health and medical records.

One Card…Many Options…

Supera’s intellectual property and technology goes beyond what a normal credit card such as your current VISA or MasterCard provides. Once cardholders become familiar with how the Supera card can simplify and protect their lives, they will discover additional useful applications that include: FINANCE. E-commerce, business-tobusiness, purse-to-purse and stored value card. Users can also include VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. CONVENIENCE. Loyalty, browser, multi-applications, cross-branding and digital stored value. Some users include Fed Ex, Costco, Western Union, Hertz, utility companies, music and movie companies. WIRELESS. Cell phones, PDA’s, universal phone cards, and access control. Some users include I-Phone, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and RIM. GOVERNMENTS. ID cards, voters registration cards, passports, Driver’s licenses, airline ID cards, agency interoperability and access control. Some users are Homeland Security, FAA, State Department, and Department of Defense. MEDICAL. HIPAA compliant card for storage of medical records, x-rays, pharmacy, insurance billings and payment. Include Blue Cross/Blue Shield, VA, Kaiser, hospital/medical groups. ONLINE. Browser, software storage, personal preference cards, transaction privacy/security. Includes E-Bay, Amazon, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook. TRAVEL. Preference programs, lodging, records, blueprints, parts lists, and QC Process control records. Users include airline carriers, transit systems, airport security systems, theme parks, hotels and travel agencies.

Identity Theft/Credit Card Fraud

How many of us have eaten in a restaurant, paid with a credit card and left without a receipt? Some receipts have our credit card number printed on them and our signature…ready for a thief to copy. This is the easiest form of identity theft. With our credit card number and signature it’s carte blanche for a thief to have fun with our money and we won’t know until our credit card statement arrives. Imagine if your social security number, bank account or other personal ID were stolen? Someone could use your credit to lease or buy a car, get medical or life insurance, open a bank account, buy a house, or take out a loan. Even if you prove it was theft and fraud, it could take months or even years to clear your name and restore credit.

BHT: People have personal information everywhere…in fact personal information is anything but personal. Even big companies get hacked. Could this happen with your card?

SCHEER: No. Businesses like Sony, banks and U.S. government facilities we hear about are vulnerable because their data and systems may reside in “hackable” and non-bullet proof servers and computers. Supera technology has no central location where data is stored; We Are Your Private Cloud in a card format. Your personal information, pass codes, health information, title to your music, videos—everything you have stored in your card is only accessible to you. The card is its own database and its own hard drive.

LUTZ: Actually Sony was a client of mine years ago. They spend millions on information security to protect themselves from hackers and reduce business risk. Yet look what happened. As we say in the industry, “Security Technology” doesn’t mean bulletproof. Supera has what I call bulletproof authentication and verification technology. It has intricate inscription and biometric identification. It doesn’t rely on a pass word or login information that can be stolen or hacked any minute of any day; biometric is nearly impossible to steal, forge or replicate. With our technology no data can be transmitted without biometric verification stored in the card; which only the user has. Personal information isn’t in a database all over airwaves. No other card can perform this, except the Supera card. I had a chance to speak with Dan Kehoe now that Lutz and her team have been hired by Bluesky. Brilliant, articulate and employing a terrific sense of humor he had this to say.

BHT: Dan can you tell me what is the most significant event that has recently occurred with the technology?

KEHOE: Thank God for women. They will get the job done right and on time!

Supera Group
1801 Century Park East, Ste 1500
Century City, CA 90067

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  1. I very much enjoyed meeting Laurie and Susan —my cover girls for my January 2012 issue. They are bright, funny and what I consider true women on top—juggling family and jobs that keep them busy 24/7. In today’s world where more and more families are experiencing the hardships of a lagging economy and unstable job market, an overwhelming pressure is falling on women to multi-task their families into a positive cash flow. And we are up to the task. Thinking outside the box and juggling 10 things at a time is not only a woman’s expertise, but something we pride ourselves on accomplishing every day of every year. No one truly knows the hard work that being a mom entails. No one can imagine the ongoing process that keeping a marriage strong and loving takes. No one knows the unimaginable guts it takes to drag yourself into the work place and compete with others for a paycheck who have half your brain cells, but slide by because they had a better education. No one knows…except another woman that is. Females make the world go around. LOL all the way to the TRUE meaning of Guts and Glory.

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