Notes from the Publisher

From the Publisher


Before we jump into exciting Beverly Hills Times updates, I want to congratulate Congressman Ron Paul for winning the Conservative Political Action Conference. Congressman Ron Paul has been a monthly Beverly Hills Times contributor for the last couple of years and we appreciate the effort he puts into sharing his opinions with our readers. The […]

Now It’s WikiLeaks International Intrigue, High Level Corruption, Spying, Lying, Leaking Top Secret Documents, Government and Big Business Coverups— BUT IS THE REAL STORY… First Amendment Rights?


Instead of stating my opinion, I decided to briefly identify what seems to have been determined as main parties and perspectives involved—according to what we read and know. Certainly, there stands other significant information that needs to be explored as it relates to WikiLeaks releasing diplomatic cables. But since there is always more than meets […]

The Year of Living Dangerously


It was 1998 when Bill Clinton pounded his hand on his desk, pointed at the camera and in the most stern voice he could muster, told the American people, “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Of course, whether Bill Clinton is a liar or not “depends on what the meaning of […]

Publisher’s Note


Have you ever analyzed what people take for granted? I was shocked as I’m certain most people were to find out that there was an inadequate con- tingency plan in place to address the oil leak now occurring 5,000 feet below sea level in the Gulf. Does it not seem reasonable that an oil giant […]

Publisher’s Note

It’s one thing to read in a newspaper or hear on the news about the serious recession that people in our country are experiencing. It’s quite another to be one of those people and be going through severe financial problems, the closing of a business or the loss of a home and other possessions. Every […]

Publisher’s Note


Greetings from the Philippines Having been in Manila for one month, during one of the more dangerous periods in its recent history, I’ve seen how bad things are in a city much like our own.  Manila is a ‘cultural copy’ of L.A.  Most people speak English, there is a high Christian population, they love basketball, […]

Publisher’s Note: August 2009

We have blazed through another beautiful Beverly Hills summer here at the Times, but despite all the fun we’ve had the new month causes us to consider some issues of greater weight.  August marks one year that the United States economy has been in crippling recession.  We count ourselves lucky to live in a community […]

Publisher’s Note: July 2009


Walking around Beverly Hills it is easy to see that the fairest season has finally descended upon our city and its inhabitants.  The vibrant energy of summer is apparent in every storefront and sidewalk.  People are spending more time outside enjoying our parks and canyons, shopping our award winning farmer’s market and undertaking the difficult […]

Publisher’s Note: April 2009

To many people, Beverly Hills acts as a symbol of the entertainment world. Relatively speaking—they are right on the money. We are at the center of the action when it comes to all things entertainment. After all, celebrities from across the globe choose to call Beverly Hills home, so it’s only right that we embrace […]

Publishers Note: Feb 09


Let’s compare protectionism in Beverly Hills with protectionism in the United States. Protectionism is a termused to label specific economic policies or doctrines that a government adopts to ‘protect’ workers and businesses in its territory. Protectionism directly influences a free market by providing incentives for citizens and businesses to purchase goods from sources that more positively effect its economy. In our case it’s protecting Beverly Hills […]