Who Says You Can’t Have It All? The Charmed Life Of Dr. Rico Simonini


NOdoubt you’ve seen his face in big dollar action films and TV shows (Max Payne, A Good Day To Die Hard, My Sister’s Keeper) and long-running theatrical productions from New York to LA including, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, and Brooklyn USA, among many others. He recently wrapped Dear Eleanor, a film directed by […]

DIVA ROCKER GLAM The 8th Wonder of the World…


You’ve seen the furniture in magazines, movies and on TV; from reality shows about the rich and famous to sexy music videos and exotic locations worldwide. But not until you take a step into its glitzy showroom on Sunset Plaza, in West Hollywood does it hit you…this is the most fabulous furniture store on earth. […]

STOP Raising The Debt Ceiling By Congressman Ron Paul


The federal government once again has reached the limit of its legal ability to borrow money, meaning it cannot issue new Treasury debt without action by Congress to increase the debt ceiling limit. As of this month, our “official” national debt—which doesn’t include the staggering future payments promised to Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries— stands at $14.2 trillion. The debt ceiling law, passed […]

Ralph Nader Talks: The Bottom Line ‘Open Letter To Obama’


Dear President Obama, The sentiments expressed in this letter may have more meaning more for you now that the results of the mid-term elections are clear. You have seen what can happen when a number of your supporters lose their enthusiasm and stay home or do not actively participate as volunteers. In your first two years, you have developed a wide […]

Congressman Ron Paul: Can Monetary Policy Really Create Jobs?


For the past three decades, the FederalReserve has been tasked with a dual mandate: keeping prices stable and maximizing employment.  Influenced by Keynesian economics and the supposed tradeoff between inflation and unemployment, the dual mandate relies on the idea that a handful of experts can successfully steer the American economy and create economic growth. This […]

Ralph Nader Talks – The Bottom Line Bush At Large


George W. Bush is on a roll—a money roll with a $7 million advance for his book Decision Points and a rehabilitation roll to paint his war crimes as justifiable mass-slaughter and torture. His carefully chosen interviewers—NBC’s Matt Lauer and Oprah Winfrey—agreed to a safe pre-taping to avoid demonstrations and tough questions. Requests for him […]

Ralph Nader Talks: The Bottom Line: For Whom The Bells Tolls


Bell, California, a working class town of some 38,000 ten miles outside of Los Angeles, is a unique place. Its local government has proven to be citizen-proof, media proof, city-council proof and even leak-proof from inside its self-enriching top officialdom. Get this: Bell city manager. Robert Rizzo resigned a month ago after a Los Angeles […]

Straight Talk With – Congressman Ron Paul


Healthcare and Economic Realities With the passage of a recent bill, the American people are now the unhappy recipients of Washington’s disastrous prescription for healthcare “reform.” Congressional leaders relied on highly dubious budget predictions, faulty market assumptions, and outright fantasy to convince a slim majority that this major expansion of government somehow will reduce federal […]

Ralph Nader- Talks Bottom Line


The Filibuster Flim Flam The usually mild House Democratic Caucus Chairman, John Larson (CT) showed his irritation recently when he said that people are tired of the House passing legislation that stalls in the Senate. Some of the bills passed by the House include the financial reform bill regarding Wall Street’s abuses, the omnibus energy […]

The Brockovich Report – What you donʼt know just might kill you…


CURRENT WORK My work, as all work, can become a real challenge. I have learned that DECEIT becomes one of our biggest challenges and our biggest enemy . My work is about helping people get the answers that they need and help them find the deceit that ends up jeopardizing them. My job isn’t to […]